Importance of Cognitive Development in toddlers

We often associate cognitive Development with early age learning. But Does it give a genuine sense of Cognitive Development? Not Really! It constitutes not just early age learning but the overall development of the child. It helps the child lead a confident life ahead. In this article, we will learn about cognitive development and its importance in a child’s life.

What is Cognitive Development?
Cognitive development is a process of early age mental development that helps children to think, explore and understand the physical and social world. As a parent, it is important to nurture the process of cognitive development. It lays the foundation for your child’s success in life. This process is helpful to gain knowledge, skills, problem-solving ability that makes the child stronger and smarter.

Cognitive Development includes these skills:
● Flexibility to Adopt New Situations
● Attention to gain more focus
● Critical thinking Ability
● Logical Reasoning
● Emotional Control
● Analytical Skills
● Decision Making
● Memory

Why is Cognitive Development important?
Cognitive Development lays the foundation for better and confident living. Stronger the foundation, Better the Life. One cannot overlook the early age development as later it becomes tough for a child to adopt and grasp fresh developments. It is claimed that a child with an average age of 3 is capable of making around 700 to 1,00 neural connections every second. This states how quickly toddlers can grasp and process the information received from the
outer world.

Importance of Cognitive Development
● Cognitive development boosts the attention span of children by engaging them with an activity
● Helps the child to deal with everyday good and bad experiences
● Cognitive development embraces the working memory and boosts the ability to process information flawlessly
● Cognitive development can help in processing and implementing the information received with intent and purpose.
● It will help toddlers enjoy exploring all five senses: Sight, Sound, Taste, Touch, and Smell
● It makes them more curious to explore the unfamiliar things

How can you support a child’s cognitive development?
It is important to engage with your child productively to nurture their cognitive development skills.

Here is what you can do to engage with Your Child:
● Talk to your child and repeat the name of commonly used relevant things.
● Let Your Child explore different toys and engage with them.
● Sing and read to your baby with positive vibes.
● Expose your toddler to different enjoyable books and puzzles.
● Teach them about something of your child’s interests in specific learning activities.
● Answer all the Questions Asked by your child.
● Keep your toddlers away from distractions and interruptions.
● Express interest in your child’s activities and try to connect with them

● Talk with children about previous days and help them recall.
● Encourage problem-solving by giving them the situation and asking them a response.

How “Magic Joey” Plays an Important Role in Cognitive Development
Magic Joey is an Augmented Reality based 3D module specially designed with Interactive, Educational, and Engagement purpose that helps toddlers build cognitive development skills. Magic Joey with its unique features helps your child to learn, explore and engage more in a simple fun-loving manner.

Here is what Magic Joey Offers:
1) Fun and Engaging Activity
2) Quick Simple Quizzes
3) Play, Learn and Explore Based Learning
4) Audio Visual Impact to Stay Engaged
5) Parental-Child Fun Learning activity

Magic Joey is a perfect gift to your child that helps them lead a joyful and productive life. So What are you waiting for to contact us now or click on this link to get your Magic Joey Now!

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